Happy Easter!

My family dyes Easter eggs every year, and the last several years have been just me and my parents, as the Price siblings are scattered about the globe. The eggs that my parents and I dye turn out similarly every year: my dad and I go with a NY Yankee theme (naturally), and my mom goes with bright spring designs. It really makes for a nice mix.

This year, however, there was an added theme. Can you spot the Boston eggs?

This morning I was sent pictures of my sister and brother-in-laws’ eggs which also sported spring colors and a baseball design… and a Boston egg!

The support from my family is unmatched, even with siblings currently separated by plane rides. When I’m running the Newton Hills on shot quads, experiencing flickers of self-doubt, I know my family is cheering me on from the crowded streets of Boston, sunny California, and beautiful Holland.

And Boston isn’t the only big race coming up in the family!  When I am tackling Boston, my sister and brother-in-law will be experiencing DOMS from running their second half marathon. Good luck to Meghan and Tim, running the Edinburgh Half one week from today!

Happy Easter!


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