The time RVRR ran to the Bronx

There are times when your standard run just isn’t going to cut it and you want something different to mix up your week. RVRR calls these uncommon runs “Adventure Runs.” Usually Adventure Runs are group runs at Watchung Reservation, Hartshorne Woods, Holmdel Park, and other nearby parks, but today our Adventure Run was through Manhattan to the Bronx.

One of our former club presidents runs regularly through the city. He’ll take a bus to Port Authority then hop on the subway, only to get off and run back to the bus. The concept is truly something out of the ordinary, even for our Adventure Runs. We’ve considered taking a NJ Transit train out and running through a different part of Jersey, but the city streets to the Bronx?

I was tired, considered skipping the run, but knew this was something I’d never do on my own. The group carpooled into the Bronx and parked on Broadway, across from gorgeous Van Cortlandt Park, a well-known park among area XC runners. We took the subway from 242nd Street all the way to 42nd and 12th, Manhattan. Hoofing through the busy streets around Times Square was a little tricky, but we hit the Hudson River pretty quickly and ran on the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway.

Running on the Greenway, closing in on the George Washington Bridge.

After we reached the GWB we hit a great section of shade, but unfortunately it included a steep hill. Thankfully that steep hill had a man selling ice cold Gatorade, which I’m pretty sure got us all through the last few miles. The elevation gain from the hill also afforded us even nicer views of the Hudson before heading into Inwood.

We had skirted a lot of the neighborhoods by staying on the Greenway, but heading east to get back to Broadway took us right into the city streets. We wound our way through the hills of Inwood, and I still couldn’t believe how pretty the run was.

Running by a baseball game, Hudson Bridge in the distance.

Baker Field, Columbia University

We hit Broadway and ran to 242nd street, ready for food. The course ended back at Van Cortlandt Park, and totaled just over 11.5 miles. A map of the run, tracking the general distance using the streets running parallel to the Greenway, can be found here.

“Slow and steady wins the race.”
Aesop’s Bench, in front of Van Cortlandt Park.

I recommend this remarkable run if you’re up for killing a few hours in the city, but I wanted to write about this run because of the unique concept of literally running home.

If your schedule is anything like mine, I would bet it’s not often that you get to run around unfamiliar areas. Same runs through the same neighborhoods and parks, week after week, looking to races to break up your routine. Those streets and trails know your feet too well!

Begin planning your own monthly Adventure Runs and be sure to experience a run that involves getting on a train or bus and running to your car or home. The scenery of roads and trails in nearby towns may surprise you, and give you a run you’ll never forget!


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