When was the last time you did nothing?

Think of the last time you did nothing.

Playing Words With Friends while you’re waiting for the train doesn’t count. Zoning out in front of the TV doesn’t count either. Neither does checking for Facebook updates while waiting for water to boil.

There’s always something, right?

I’ll blame my lack of downtime on my Android, but I’m also part of the large percentage of Americans guilty of working far too many hours in a week. (And I won’t even include the commute!) I rush, rush, rush- rush to runs, rush to work, rush to dinners, rush to movies, rush to bed, rush to relax. Whew.

Because of all the rushing, I feel the need to cram every free minute with catch-up. E-mail, Draw Something, Twitter, Google Reader (yes, some people still use it), Facebook, etc., but nothing gets longer than a lightning strike of attention.

Thanks to the club, I rarely run alone. If I do, I’m usually trying to catch up on new music so I’ll download new tracks (while rushing to put on my shoes) and listen while running. Both of those things are great. Running with friends is cathartic and motivating, and enjoying a solid album usually picks up my pace (and mood), but… whatever happened to letting my mind wander?

I was lucky enough to spend this past weekend in Woodstock, Vermont, where we had little to no cell service and no internet or TV. My friends and I spent the hours each day running trails and dirt roads, enjoying local beers while admiring the backyard view, tossing a frisbee, watching the sunset from the highest point in the yard, identifying constellations in the night sky, making s’mores around a bonfire, and waking with the sun. It was a refreshing throwback to my pre-technology days.


Effective today, I’m making a conscious effort to start daydreaming again. To get lost in thought. To run and let my mind recharge. To enjoy a beer without logging into Untappd. To sit down alone for more than four seconds without looking at my phone. To eat my dinner without watching the umpteenth episode of Modern Family.

It’s time to relax and Zen-out. Cheers!

Now get the heck off the internet and go stare out the closest window.


9 thoughts on “When was the last time you did nothing?

  1. I love this! I can COMPLETELY relate. For some reason it is so easy to detach in VT compared to here in NJ. I’ll be making that conscious effort with you.

  2. “There are stars up above…” Great song choice, and a timely reminder. We do have to quiet down the “monkey mind” occasionally. It’s hard to stop all that chattering, though, especially here in the NY Metro Area. Vermont sounds nice!

  3. Doing nothing can be the most “productive” moments in one’s life.

    Your blog is utterly intriguing.

    BTW, I lived in Woodstock for a number of years, a little house out the South Road. Spent many hours running the road and the trails. Beautiful country.


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