I will…

Eleven years ago today, all club and team activities were cancelled when our high school closed early due to the attacks, but some of the cross country team still met to run. Although most of our run was spent speculating the reasons for and origin of the attack, it kept a little normalcy in a terribly abnormal day.

Every September 11 I run to reflect. I reflect on my year, my family, my friends, my races, my goals, and the events that happened that day. Last year I was lucky enough to join the Jersey Shore Running Club in their annual September 11 Memorial Run, but this year I’ll most likely run alone when I get out of the office. (Note to self: start digging out your long sleeve shirts. What the heck, summer??)

This year I am adding a new tradition, which I heard about on the radio this morning. 9/11 Day was founded by a non-profit organization called MyGoodDeed, and it’s a movement to provide a positive way to pay tribute to those who were lost. 9/11 Day encourages people all around the world to help another with the pledge, “I will _____.” It doesn’t matter how seemingly big or small an “I will” is. What matters is that it’s a selfless goal that you may not have normally set, and it means something to you.

Think of your “I will” today and add it to the 9/11 Day quilt and, if you haven’t already, take a little time to reflect.


2 thoughts on “I will…

  1. I will be more aware of and appreciate the blessings around me—people and things I see daily and may take for granted, but shouldn’t.

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