What do you think about that, satellites?!?

If I told you that twenty members of my running club ran together through midtown Manhattan late Sunday morning, you’d think we were nuts, right?

You’re right! Wrong! We actually had a purpose! Two purposes, actually.

The main purpose was dreamed up by our club treasurer, Tom, a year ago: run through the streets of Manhattan in such a way that our Garmin data spells RVRR, the letters of our club. For those without Garmins, the group run was still appealing because the second purpose was to take in the decked-out store windows and holiday decorations all over midtown.

Yes, parts of it were crowded as heck, with shoppers, tourists (sooo not talking about us), and disgruntled locals, but Tom also mapped it out so that we got to run portions through the streets that are now pedestrian-only. I haven’t had so much fun on a run in a long time, and I laughed out loud when I uploaded my Garmin data:

I promise I wasn't drunk.

How nerdy is that? I love it.

You know, the subway would be a lot faster...

Believe... that your Garmin is working.


And finally, a picture of the best hot chocolate I have ever tasted in my life, found at City Bakery:

Til we meet again!

(I was totally talking to you, not the hot chocolate. Ok, I might have been talking to the hot chocolate.)


11 thoughts on “What do you think about that, satellites?!?

  1. You forgot about the fight that we almost got into with that random guy on the way down to Union Square. Hahaa.
    This was so much fun, and the hot chocolate WAS A-Mazing!!

    • I tried to be nice and just call him a “disgruntled local.” It didn’t help when I yelled, “YOU’RE WELCOME,” when he yelled at our tourist-ness. Oops!

    • Yes! You totally should! We run from the Reformed Church in Highland Park on Wednesdays at 6:30pm, and Grove 2 in Johnson Park at 9am. You should find us on Facebook, if you haven’t already- there are tons of posts about all upcoming events, weekly runs etc. ACTUALLY! Next Wednesday is our General Membership meeting and the Wednesday after (Dec 19) is our Winter Pub Crawl. Can’t miss the pub crawl!!!

      • Ohhh good to know!! Maybe I’ll come next Wednesday!!

        Have you been on the tow path since Sandy? I imagine it’s still a mess, I haven’t even bothered checking it out!

      • Awesome!! I haven’t been on the Towpath since right after Sandy when it was a mess. I think some of our club has been on it though, so it might be cleaned up!

  2. I ran a mini RVRR pattern in my yard and wanted to upload it just to say, “Look, I did it too!” But it was at the end of the run, and I thought I hit the split button on my Garmin, but I stupidly TURNED IT OFF INSTEAD!…. so I looked like a nut running around my yard in some stupid pattern with no results to show from it!

  3. People, how many times do I have to tell you? Running should not be this much fun–you clearly must be doing something wrong…or you’re just crazy.

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