What’s your 2013 runolution?

Whether you say it aloud, write it down, or just think it, you can’t deny that it at least crosses your mind to make a resolution this time of year. Once that New Year’s Eve ball drops, you’re ready to start flossing nightly, stop biting your nails, stop drinking so much beer, stop using bottled water, learn the entire Gangnam Style dance, start and maintain a blog (my 2012 resolution. Check!), or enroll in that night class you’ve been eyeing… for example.

But have you thought about your runolution?

A runolution is the same as a resolution, but it directly impacts your yearlong (ideally, lifelong) running career. Like a resolution, it’s typically not a goal that you’ll accomplish halfway through the year, but something that you want to start (or stop) that will hopefully become a long-term habit.

I made my first runolution in 2012, when I was introduced to the word by my running club. My 2012 runolution was to run more trails.

Mission sort of accomplished.

When I said trails, I wasn’t talking about wide, manicured, off-road paths, I meant rooty, rocky, nasty, “I’m pretty sure the last people here were Lewis and Clark” trails. My mortal running enemy. Don’t get me wrong, I love the peacefulness that comes with being deep in the woods and the challenge of an unpredictable landscape, but only when I’m hiking or camping. Get those boulders out of my way, I’m trying to run.



*Sike! That’s not me. There are zero pictures of me running trails. That’s Laura, a badass chick whose love for trails helps her own the Northeast ultra scene.

The reason I forced this runolution upon myself was to develop killer ankle strength and sick muscle balance from the constantly-changing and unstable terrain, which I knew would improve my road running. I was prepared to run trails with a grimace, but a fairly open mind.

Unfortunately my inner child prevailed. I cursed at leaves blocking roots (or at the roots for being there in the first place), rolled my eyes at rocks, and damned tree branches that I neglected to see because I was watching my footing. And I’d love to tell you I sucked it up and got out there weekly, but I averaged once a month.

Proof that I ran trails in 2012.

Proof that I ran trails at least once in 2012.

Whiny laziness aside, technically I still accomplished my runolution. There was a loophole in it: the word “more.” Even if I hit the trails only twelve times in 2012, it would still be more than I did in any previous year. Not a solid runolution when you’re a wussbaby like me. I need more structure for 2013.

So here’s my loophole-free 2013 runolution: Do sixty minutes of yoga once a week.

To me, yoga means more flexibility and overall muscle balance, which will both hugely benefit my running career. Two words: injury prevention.

Screw you, trails! I’ve created a runolution I’ll enjoy- I’m excited! (though I’ll continue to make an effort to visit the trails “more” often.)

Did you accomplish a 2012 runolution? What is your 2013 runolution?


9 thoughts on “What’s your 2013 runolution?

  1. I’m not really sure about what you are saying. So are you giving up on “more trails”? Because: Yoga… Trails… I must say, your new runolution is boring in comparison to running trails, my dearest!

    • I have always hated trails and I probably always will. I’ll keep trying to do “more” trails, but I have a new focus that I know I will benefit from because I’ll actually do it 🙂 I’ll also keep trying to like trails. It’s just such a pain.

  2. The last couple of years I made all sorts of runolutions and managed to keep a grand total of zero of them. For 2013 my runolution is not to make any runolutions and just have a kick ass year. Oh wait – that’s sort of a runolution, isn’t it? That one is OK though since it is so nebulous that I can arbitrarily claim that I accomplished it.

  3. Love this post, definitely LOL-ed mulitple times! And I still smile thinking about our VT trail experience!! You went out there and tackled it like a champ so I would say you accomplished your goal for 2012!! Running is supposed to be fun, so if it’s not then why bother?!

    Yoga is a great way to stay healthy…my runolution is not yoga, but it is supplemental activities. I can’t just run all the damn time! Our bodies need more in order to be healthy enough to run so much 🙂

    • “I can’t just run all the damn time!”. Who logged on as Swifty?????? I can’t believe that she would write that :-). I do agree with the sentiment though and I am finally getting better about taking breaks. It would be easier if the whole time I was in the gym I would stop wishing that I was outside.

    • Haha, very true! I’m still trying to convince myself that running in Vibrams or on trails aren’t cross-training. Distance running is a consuming hobby!

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