You caught me.

The quick stint on the DL that I mentioned? Not so quick. I’m benched. On the injured list. Sidelined. Out of commission. Whatever you call it, I’m not currently running.

At first I was told it was inflammation of my hip abductor muscles, but today I learned I have some slight tearing in one of the tendons, caused by the swelling and inflammation of what probably started as tendinitis in the late summer. Apparently I was ignoring some inflammation before I ran a rather convoluted PR at the Newport Liberty Half Marathon, and the frequent sharp turns unique to the Newport races exacerbated an existing problem.

Ignoring a problem? Whaaaat? That doesn’t sound like me at all!

Oops. (But I was completely pain-free this summer! I swear!! Sneaky hip.)

I’ve already spent a considerable amount of time sulking and being bitter, hence the near silence as of late. While I still plan on doing my fair share of moping as my muscles atrophy (I know, it’s just perception), I’m choosing to live through other runners (“So, what did we do today?? 8x800m at 10k pace?! Perfect! I was really needing something short and choppy after our hilly long run last weekend!”), and get my mental breaks from drinking  hours of Vampire Diaries  baking  stupid amounts of pushups short bike rides, easy yoga, and this new phenomenon called “free time.”

In November I started treatment with ART sessions three times a week, but am now switching to physical therapy two times a week. I have between a month and six weeks to go, which would make the Boston Marathon a slow fun run, or a great day to spectate and get amped up for my fall marathon. No matter when I get back out on the roads, I will be in Beantown on Marathon Monday either to run or support my friends and some of the greatest American distance runners of my lifetime, including my new BFF Shalane.

"Hey, Shalane! Want to go shopping at Lululemon after the race? Awesome! See you then!"


In the meantime, I’ll be working my glutei off at physical therapy, unlocking far too many badges on Untappd, and researching fast fall marathons. Back to Philly to PR without puking? Try my hand at flat Rehoboth Beach, where I can recover at the Dogfish Head brewery? Wineglass? Mohawk Hudson? The absurdly-downhill Steamtown Marathon?

Ah, the possibilities! Thoughts?


10 thoughts on “You caught me.

  1. Boo! I’m sorry to hear you’re officially injured. I’m wishing you speedy healing. Don’t hurt yourself doing yoga, I’m all but convinced I’m going to rip something every time I try (at least that’s what it feels like)! As far as marathons go, you could be insane like me and sign up for a July 7th marathon in mountains in Vermont! Takes the pressure to PR off at least.

    Can’t wait to see you at Millrose!!

    • I have training in the Iyengar yoga method, do a little yoga teaching, and I’d be happy to give you a few tips and suggestions as far as your stretching and yoga. If you practice proper alignment and technique you will not hurt yourself doing yoga, but yes, we can get hurt doing any method of yoga. It’s helped me run more successfully, and compensate for my terrible feet, over the past several years.

  2. If only for writing this great a blog post, you deserve to get better fast. Warp speed. Feel better.

    Over did it myself on Saturday and hope my knee gets de-inflamed quickly.

  3. I’d be more than happy to do some strengthening with you – and some PT exercises – I think I’ve become an expert. Hang in there Lianne – I know its not easy – but you are a tough chickie!!

  4. Thinking of you!! You sound really positive which is awesome and I think all of your fall marathon suggestions sound awesome. Pick the one that you feel in your gut will be the most fun and the PR will happen!!! I’d be willing to try a yoga class with you too…just don’t laugh at how inflexible I am 🙂

    • Haha, thanks! I have to stop yoga for the time being (booo!) but when I resume, maybe we can try it together. I’m hideously inflexible. I get laughed at when I go to PT!

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