Strength (and sanity) in numbers.

A friend said that you know it’s been a heavy couple weeks when the President of the United States receives a poison-laced letter and it barely makes front page news. Even with positive thoughts of modern day Paul Reveres, and happy little Boston manhunt babies nine months down the road, April has been a pretty emotionally and mentally exhausting month. It’s one of those times you realize how strong your support system is.

Earlier this month I watched the NYRR Scotland Run in Central Park and, while waiting for the first runners to come by, I saw a lot of people silently running with an iPod, zooming by on a bike or rollerblades, or checking their phone while walking a dog. Each person’s activity didn’t seem so exclusive to me until a loud group of nine or ten runners rounded the bend, singing some song that made them all bust out laughing. As they got closer I noticed that they all appeared to be in their late 60’s, and it cracked me up.

That’s me and my friends in 30 to 40 years.

Sure, we all run on our own sometimes, whether it’s due to scheduling conflicts or the occasional need for a contemplative Zen run, but our runs together are the most common and the most memorable. I like to think the inclusivity and positivity of RVRR is what has kept our numbers growing and teams so excited to race together.

It’s definitely what got me excited for a team brunch, held Sunday at a club member’s house. I’m still not out there on the roads for training runs or championship races, so it’s rare that I see everyone together and feel the team support that I love.

RVRR Ladies

Loving those jackets!

So thanks, ladies (and men) of RVRR, for keeping me sane this month, and every month over the last five years! I look forward to our group runs in the coming months, years, and even the ones when we’re actually as old as we feel now.


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