One small step for (wo)man…

Guess what I did today? I ran. And I didn’t just run, I ran. FOR MY LIFE.

Well, not really, but if I had slowed down I would have fallen off the treadmill and smacked into a brick wall covered in glass-framed certificates that my exercise therapist has earned. That’s a lot of motivation to keep hauling.

It’s been a while since my last post, and I’d apologize for the hiatus, but you didn’t miss much. I took a step back from the running world to preserve the shred of sanity I had left after realizing my hip pain wasn’t going to quit so easily. Two busy orthopedists, two tireless physical therapists, one persistent chiropractor, and one very calming acupuncturist later, my boss is going to kill me I have finally found someone who identified the problem and has devised a solid plan to get me running pain-free and better than before.

Exactly one month after fellow RVRR member Lou told me about Optimum Health & Exercise Therapy, I have run four times (on a treadmill), including today. Today I ran what Jerry called a “hill workout,” and I’d call a two mile hill. The warmup was a jog at incline level eight, and the actual workout alternated only between level eight and level 12. It was gloriously exhausting.

Post Hill (one GIANT hill) Workout

Done! That’s my pain face.

My first day at Optimum Health, a sweat-drenched guy not-so-jokingly said, “Welcome to hell.” I’m not great at quick, snappy comebacks so I gave an awkward laugh and two minutes later (of course) I realized why I laughed at it.

Hell? Been there. Done that.

Six months of not running. Six months of constant pain. Six months of missed races, including one marathon, my favorite RVRR event, and several USATF Grand Prix races. Six months of being unable to do my favorite form of stress relief. Six months of just not feeling myself.

Now, it’s not perfect, and the running has been a test to see if the active release therapy is working, but I feel confident enough to say that I’m on my way back. I’ll miss more USATF races and I won’t be registering for a marathon anytime soon, but I know that they’re at least within dreaming distance.

Here’s my new schedule:

Jerry's instructionsNo long-term plan, no expectations. Small steps, one week at a time. If all goes well through Sunday, I’ll be introduced to the workout rooms at Optimum Health, where everyone looks like they’re about to die. I think I’m going to like it.

Tycho – “Dive”


7 thoughts on “One small step for (wo)man…

  1. Excellent! Go gently with it, and keep that t-shirt slogan in mind: “Start slow, then back off.” Enjoy running in zen fashion!

  2. I honestly have tears in my eyes because I’m so happy for you!! I hope hope hope this continues to work and you’ll be back in normal training in the blink of an eye 🙂

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